Axs – Filtered Lightning (Locked Frame)

Deep dub techno at its best and for free!

Axs – from my archives
original title / filtered lightning
taken from an unwanted project

This will be coming out on the next Cold Fiction Music Release – Various – Futur[e]cho 2

I know a lot of people have been wondering what happened to this track, I’m very happy to tell you that it has finally resurfaced.

edit – Finally this is available (see below)!!!!!


Download Axs - Filtered Lightning (24.7 mb)


  1. Interesting, has a heart beat feel to it, kind of a physical fitness type mix. Not really anything I could dance to, but it’s definitely a trance / mood type peace. Something one can lean back and zone out to with it playing in the background. Seems to stimulate thought & imagination well. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. This seems very much conceptual. I don’t have knowledge to specify it in particular category. It sounds good.

  3. Great job.Thanks for your post. Thanks a lot.

  4. nice music here, thanks for sharing. it inspires me more as music producer

  5. I think that would serve as Cheela out

  6. i like this one to. Is one of my favorite

  7. I can’t download this, can you update the download links

  8. Where is the download links?

  9. The High Plains Driftersays:

    just sent you an email

  10. Trippy. I kept waiting for the house beat to kick in and, thankfully, it never did! Great stuff!

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