1. love this things man,

  2. Rub a dub- soundin’ good brotha

  3. Hi guys, glad you enjoy this one, check out our blog for more bass & deep sounds … from SaIgON

  4. adminsays:

    haha wow small world, im currently traveling in Saigon!

    im in District 1

  5. hehe !… and me as well … finishing my day work at the begening of Dong Khoi street D1 nearly the river

  6. adminsays:

    yes i know Dong Khoi, i am near Bui Vien street, many many tourist stay there.

    good to know the techno sounds spread across the globe

  7. yes sure … not so easy here as you may listen around the same RnB popish soup trancy … it needs more time …

  8. Thanks for the download!

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