Galaktika Records Podcast » PODCAST 123 : Maurice Aymard (VEN) vs Pablo Bolivar (ESP) *exclusive & PODCAST 124 : Autodeep (GER)

PODCAST 123 : Maurice Aymard (VEN) vs Pablo Bolivar (ESP) *exclusive

Galaktika’s head Maurice Aymard versus deep maniac Pablo Bolivar. One hour of sweet electronica.

PODCAST 124 : Autodeep (GER)

A deep and soulful mix developing from 105 BPM disco/downtempo styles to 120 BPM Deep House grooves, by Hannover’s duo Autodeep. Featured in Galaktikas 25th release.

Their DJ-Sets cover a wide range of music from classic deep house and disco grooves all the way to peak time tech and minimal house burners all wrapped up in a stunning mixing performance that utilises turntables as well as the loopy and effect-heavy delights of Traktor technology. So better be prepared for some hot funk from these guys straight outta Germany!

check it out!