special: suedmilch / venedikt reyf (Pforzheim, Germany)

2005 was the year in which Suedmilch discovered his passion for techno.
Being totally caught up by electronic music, it didn’t took very long until
he decided to take it a step further and become a DJ.

With his typically deep-grooving and propelling sound Suedmilch became quite successful which brought him more and more gigs throughout the whole country and even further.
Being impressed by the structure and scheme of techno, the only logical way to totally express himself was producing his own music.
In the beginning software such as Ableton Live made it possible for him to gain
great results with only low budget.

It’s the fascination of rhythm and groove that marks Suedmilch’s own
productions as well as his DJ-Sets.
Currently he released on Der Hut, Numbolic, Autist & Hertzmusic. Future projects with other labels like Niveous Records, Hi Freaks and Wildtrackin are in progress.