Over 3000 drum and bass mixes available to download for free

If you agree with the sentiments of Billy Bragg that “file sharing isn’t piracy, it’s promotion” then you will love www.beatplexity.com


Beatplexity is an Internet database of thousands of DJ mixes from drum and bass, jungle, dubstep, house, ambient, funk, dance and more surrounded by a community who are happy to upload mixes and allow them to be downloaded for free.



The beauty of the site is that DJs and artists have an outlet and an audience for their work, gaining them exposure and helping them to build a following of subscribers.


The site also features free DJ mix hosting where DJ mixes can be stored permanently.


The site’s ethos is to promote and share new music and to be the number one spot on the Internet for people who want to listen to music. Any money generated from the site will be used to develop the project further and upgrade and expand the site’s servers to allow even more space for storing mixes and create faster upload and download speeds.


Drum and Bass mix lovers use Beatplexity because they have access to thousands of free mixes and radio shows to listen to, play and enjoy – and new mixes are added every day.


They can also subscribe to their favourite artists and receive email and notification of new uploads, vote for their favourites and help promote them.


If you love drum and bass, Beatplexity is the place to find over 3000 free drum and bass mixes and download drum and bass for free, all completely legally.


The database is constantly growing and as well as drum and bass DJ mixes, there are also many different genres, all categorised and easy to search. Site members can also rate mixes and discuss their area of interest in the forum.


You can even upload an unlimited number of your own drum and bass mix free of charge for others to discover.


If you love music, or create music and would love to share it with people who love your genre, sign up to Beatplexity today.


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